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Woodang Original Semiconductor


These Original Semiconductors are all brand new. (NewOldStock)

All Transistors (mostly Sanken Brand) and Sanyo Power IC´s are originated from former Spare Part Stock and delivered  between 1967 - 1981 from Sansui Electric Co in Japan. Sanken have a high reputation for their Power Transistors and Sansui mostly choose those for their amplifiers and receivers.
All Semiconductors in stock are 100% genuine. You might wonder why I´m telling you this.



 The reason is there are lot of counterfeit components
on the market

Despite they have a Manufacturer Trade Name

as a marking, they are not made by them and

doesn´t have equal specifications.

It´s not easy to see the difference between 

a genuine and a fake transistor.
For more information about counterfeit Transistors

and IC's visit

 or this Site in Spanish

You can also read this documentation from a customer

When you order Semiconductors here, you can be 100% sure they are genuine and absolutely not a fake.

At this site you can also find real Quick Acting Fuses often mixed up to be ordinary fast blow fuses but they are not.

QA Fuses are about 10 times faster compared to fast blow fuses and intended to protect electronic circuits.

At this Site you can find Genuine Sansui Parts.

No minimum order requirement.

Freight cost from US$4.00

Please note:

Prices can be adjusted depending on exchange rate


Note: The stock will not be renewed. When the parts are gone, they are gone.




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in well known high quality,
you can find it here

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